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Nigeria leading payment solution company, Paystack has just rolled out a new toolkit that is capable of helping African creators bring ideas to market.

The announcement was made via its twitter account, and according to the fintech startup, the Shopify-like Paystack commerce is a collection of free tools to help African brands sell more physical and digital products online. The new tool will be joining the company’s list of digital solutions which cut across various areas including Collection, Disbursement, Identity Verification, and Reporting.

In a subsequent thread that followed its announcement, Paystack further introduced another tool- Product Links, which the fintech explained to be “a simple, high-converting page for selling one product beautifully”. The product allows a trader or business owner to own a section on the fintech e-commerce platform; the user can display a product and include description, and price value alongside.

Also, in further explanation, the Product link allows a use to ‘Display multiple images, GIFs, and Videos’, Collect delivery address and notes’, ‘Customize your URL and brand colours’, Redirect customers after payment, and much more’.

Already, some brand have displayed on their respective twitter accounts, images of what their services looks like on the Paystack e-commerce platform. Once a business owner signup on the platfor and uploads a product; a link will be provided which the seller or service owner can share on other social media platforms including Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook’s Messenger.

In an attempt to attract customers, Paystack is offering a 50% discount discount for a start, and in other cases, sellers are offering as much as 5% discount for community members upon purchase of goods via the platform.

While that’s not all about the announcement, PayStack also welcomed another tool it called “Paystack Merchant App” which functions closely with the e-commerce platform. With this tool, users gets push notifications fornew orders; Look up delivery address and deliverynotes on the go; as well as Mark orders as delivered, and much more.

Paystack merchant app

Generally, once you are on the platform, you can upload unlimited products, search for orders using a dedicated search bar, Filter products by price and units sold, View sales summary, among other things. The fintech company also promised its users effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity; it also stated in a part of the thread that it will provide proven promotional tools which will enhance sales on the platform.

What more to say? Paystack is trying to build a community of loyal buyers and traders, building an intimate, and conducive environment for trading. This is more evident in its target audience which according to the company, is everyone, and specifically those “creators who care about community and craft”.

In the nearest feature, we hope to see the new service shape the e-commerce sector in Nigeria, and not just compete with the likes of Shopify. Source

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